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Book Fandoms I'm Not Obsessed with Anymore but Still Are Special To Me

Fandoms were really the things that started my book obsession online presence, starting on Pinterest and then branching out to other places. Sadly, they no longer make me feel really obsessed anymore, but they hold a special place in my heart so deserve a post.

Divergent. This book was absolutely, 100% my favourite in year 7. Everything about it was just amazing to me, I LOVED Four and they were my favourite movies as well as basically my favourite books. My Pinterest board remains with over 1.2k pins. I don’t love it anymore and don’t think much about it, but I will never hate it like some people do. I will always, always appreciate and value the Divergent trilogy for quite literally being the series that started my fandom obsession.

The Hunger Games. Although I never got into The Hunger Games as much as some other people, it was still a fandom whose posts I really enjoyed. The amount of posts there was meant that even if you wanted to get away, you couldn’t, so you may as well just enjoy all the theories and fanart and edits that were made. The Hunger Games was not my favourite but I did love it. At the beginning of 2017, I went to the Hunger Games Exhibition in Sydney, and although I was no longer obsessed, the excitement of going was real so I know it will always be special.

The Book Thief. The Book Thief will always be my favourite book. It never changes, it is always the one I love more than any other book. However, I don’t think I could say I’m still obsessed with it. I think this may be because the fandom has died and there are no longer any posts on it, and because I haven’t read it recently(although, I’m about to read it again so y’know), it is hard to be absolutely in love with it. Also, when I first read it, I was in grade 5 and Rudy was probably my first major fictional crush. As I’ve grown, I’m almost older than he was ever (*cries for life*), and would be kind of weird if I liked him when he’s a few years younger than me. Still, he and the novel itself (and the movie) are still special.

The Shadowhunter Chronicles. I think once I continue on and read Lady Midnight, I’m sure my obsession with this series will continue. But for now, when the only one of those books that I’ve even opened in the last year is Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy, it is hard for me to be obsessed like I used to be. Also, I’ve since read more and more characters that remind me of Jace, so I guess he feels a little repeated now. That being said, Clace and Malec and Jordan x Maia (can’t remember if they have a ship name or not) and the Herongraystairs trio will always be special ships that certainly brought on SOOOOOO MANY FEELS (no offence to other ships in the series, these were just the main ones for me.

That’s all for the book fandoms in mind right now, hope you enjoyed and maybe can relate to the nostalgia and love, but lack of obsession with some of these (or maybe other) books. Hope you continue to find new books to obsess over!